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Director Surveys

A survey of board members and executives is a good, and often insightful, method of drawing out ideas and building consensus. Getting good feedback and analysis from your own executives and boards can be difficult. Board meetings are often only held monthly and at times more pressing agenda items take precedence.

As part of our board presentations, we can conduct a confidential survey of executive management and the board. This survey is highly customized to fit each bank’s particular situation and we will work with executive management and the board to develop an appropriate and insightful survey.


Topics typically covered in the director surveys are questions on the perceived value of the bank, the strategic direction of the bank, where the bank will be in 5 years, ideas for expansion and exit strategies, goals and areas of concern.

Typical survey topics include:

  • Where do you see the bank in 3 to 5 years?
  • Does the bank need to raise capital over the next few years and if so, at what price?
  • Which is more important – growth or earnings?
  • How can the bank improve earnings?
  • What does the bank do well and in what areas does it need to improve?
  • What are the logical areas for geographical expansion? Does the bank have a logical “footprint” of branches?
  • What other lines of business should be considered?
  • Does the bank need a holding company?
  • Should the bank remain private or become public? And what are the advantages to listing the stock?
  • Should the bank pay a dividend and if so, how much?