PNC Capital Markets has announced their acquisition of Ambassador Financial Group, subject to closing conditions. This web site is scheduled to transition to PNC on April 12th.


Board Retreats

Hearing an outsider’s view of trends in the industry (local and national), the performance of your bank and how it has done in relation to peers can be educational, insightful and helpful in making strategic decisions.

Ambassador’s board retreats are one-to-two hour customized presentations that will update your board on national and local banking trends, provide an analysis of your performance in relation to your peers and deliver strategic insight and advice on how to maximize your bank’s value.

In preparing the presentation, we will work with management and the board to determine the key issues. Our board retreats are highly customized and are not canned reports. These presentations are useful in generating discussions, educating the board on banking issues and are a good lead in for the strategic planning process.