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New Bank Startup

A feasibility study, pro-forma financial projections and FDIC Application are key items all organizing groups must complete early in the process. Our services will be tailored to meet the individual needs of your organizing group but generally encompass the following:

Feasibility study – We prepare a detailed study of the proposed bank and its market. In this study, we analyze the local competitive landscape for all banks, as well as determine logical peer groups based other locally based banks and on other new banks with similar objectives, capital and geography.

Using the data gathered, we will determine what normal, sustainable growth is, how much capital is necessary to be successful, what the expected initial losses will be and when the bank will reach breakeven. We will then utilize this data in our financial projections. We will also assess the impact the proposed bank will have on other new banks in the area, which is now a primary concern of regulators.

Pro-forma financial projections – We prepare full financial projections for each quarter during the first three or five years of operations. We also perform rate and expense shocks to determine their impact on the projections.

FDIC Application assistance – We will assist the organizers and their attorney with the financial and demographic sections of the application, as well as other areas in which we have expertise.