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Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

In the purchase or sale of banks, thrifts, insurance agencies and other financial businesses, as well as individual branches there are unique challenges that need to be addressed and understood to maximize value and reduce transaction risk. With our history and experience working on Mergers & Acquisitions, we can assist your bank in overcoming these challenges. Over the past decade, our experienced Strategic Advisors have advised on more than 30 transactions with a total deal value of more than $1.0 billion. And while we have extensive deal experience, we emphasize knowledgeable decision-making over “just making a deal”. Our Mergers & Acquisitions services will be tailored to fit your bank’s specific needs but generally encompass the following:

  • Determination of a value range – We determine what your bank or a target institution is worth in a sale of control.
  • Determine the likely acquirers or target banks – On the sell side, we review all of the banks that might have an interest in acquiring or partnering with your bank. On the buy side, we can also review a list of banks that may be a good strategic fit for your institution.
  • Determine how much a particular acquirer might be able to pay – We analyze potential acquirers, partners and target institutions to determine, based on their unique circumstances, how much can realistically be offered and their interest in completing a transaction.
  • Preparation of an Information Memorandum – On the sell side, we can prepare a memorandum containing an overview of your bank. This would include a review of your branch structure, deposit mix and cost of funds, investment portfolio, loan mix, overall asset quality and other pertinent financial data.
  • Draft a term sheet – On the buy side, we can draft a term sheet that can be sent to the target institution. Term sheets are often for whole bank acquisitions, mergers of equals or for branch acquisitions.
  • Assistance with Negotiations – We can lead or assist your bank in its negotiations with potential acquirers, partners or target institutions.
  • Analysis of offers received – We analyze offers received to determine their value and their approvability. Offers often may have similar value, but differ in the quality of the stock offered in the exchange.
  • Advise the board of directors – Based on our analysis, we advise the board on the relative value and merits of each offer.
  • Prepare and deliver a Fairness Opinion to the board of directors – Based on the terms of the Definitive Agreement, we can prepare and deliver a Fairness Opinion to the board of directors.