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Branch Purchase & Sale

Selling branches or finding ones to buy is not as straightforward as it may appear. Sales today often include more than just a facility and deposits as banks are looking to reduce the risk weighted assets by selling loans. Also, the reasons for the sale and the needs of the buyer and seller need to be closely analyzed. In some cases, price is less important than the speed and lowering transaction risk.

Our team has worked on wide variety of branch purchase and sale transactions. Examples include work with multiple branches, deposits-only with no branches, supermarket branches and others with a significant amount of impaired loans.

On the buy side, we can review an information memorandum and assist you in determining an appropriate bid level for your bank as well as an analysis of others that might be interested and what they might pay. We can also assist in drafting an offer letter.

On the sale side, we can prepare an information memorandum showing the value of the location and deposit mix, as well as any loans that might be included. We can also review which banks might be interested, what they might bid and review offers received.