PNC Capital Markets has announced their acquisition of Ambassador Financial Group, subject to closing conditions. This web site is scheduled to transition to PNC on April 12th.



Structured as a riskless principal, we do not underwrite deals or position any securities in inventory. This provides an objective approach to your portfolio and avoids the inherent conflicts of interest found with many other broker-dealers. We believe securities should be purchased based on the need of the client, and not based on what brokers have in inventory.

We formulate strategies to help our clients manage their risk and enhance their profitability. Our recommendations are based on the needs of each individual client, and we consider such factors as liquidity, credit and interest rate risk, and balance sheet management and composition.

Ambassador’s proprietary analytics help each client understand which securities will work best for their unique situation. By helping our clients understand the risk components within their portfolio, and with each potential trade, we are able to make recommendations that are in sync with management’s overall strategy and the intended role of the investment portfolio.