PNC Capital Markets has announced their acquisition of Ambassador Financial Group, subject to closing conditions. This web site is scheduled to transition to PNC on April 12th.


Market Access

Fixed Income Securities

Your ability to address the fixed income securities needs of your portfolio, or those of your clients, is of paramount importance to you, and we take that responsibility seriously. That is why we cultivate and nurture relationships with such a broad range of broker/dealers.

Our access to a diverse network of more than 100 broker/dealers enables us to execute trades discreetly while maintaining the anonymity of our clients. Our traders specialize in knowing which firms are active in which market for the various fixed-income securities. This allows us better opportunity to quickly gain access to the right firms for buy and sell side orders.

These relationships in turn provide you with the following benefits:

  • Access to a wide range of fixed income securities enabling you to find the right fit
  • Access to more potential bidders when you want to sell
  • Access to more inventories and more potential offers when you want to buy
  • More bidders, more offers, and more potential supply translates to greater potential pricing benefits for you or your clients.