Ambassador Financial Group Professional Team

Our firm is comprised of individuals who bring many decades of experience as buy side portfolio managers, sell side traders and analysts, senior managers and directors of financial services companies, and investment bankers and advisers.

Our size makes us approachable, accessible and accountable. Whether you have questions regarding financial plans and objectives, account service, investment strategies or raising capital, we are committed to service and responding to your needs.

Name Phone Email Information
Joshua A. Albright, CFA Phone610-351-1633 x115 Bio
Ryan G. Epler Phone610-351-1633 x109 Bio
Mike Harrison Phone610-351-1633 x101 Bio
Mark Neff Phone610-351-1633 Bio
Robert J. Pachence, Jr. Phone610-351-1633 x103 Bio
Jack E. Payne, CFA, CFP Phone610-295-5555 Bio
Michael Rasmussen Phone610-351-1633 x121 Bio
Matthew T. Resch, CFA Phone610-351-1633 x112 Bio
Eric R. Tesche Phone610-351-1633 x102 Bio
Mark B. Trinkle Phone610-351-1633 x108 Bio
John S. Walker, Ph.D., CFA Phone610-349-6428 Bio
Ryan J. Walker Phone610-351-1633 x100 Bio
Rick Weiss Phone610-851-4946 Bio